A closer look at what South Africa has to offer

South Africa has long been regarded as one of the world’s most fascinating countries – certainly in terms of its unique history and modern cultural variety. Here at Safari Club, we also know that it’s a great place to go on safari – but all of this is only scraping the surface of the full range of attractions that the Rainbow Nation, to use its common nickname, offers. So, what else does the country offer? Below, we take the close look that it deserves.


Cultural variety in spades


It’s wonderfully apt that South Africa is commonly dubbed the Rainbow Nation when you take account of how cosmopolitan its population is. While 79.5% of these residents are Africans, whites comprise a further 9%. The next most common, making up just under 9%, are coloureds, who are descended from white settlers, slaves and Africans. The remaining 2.5% – mainly living in KwaZulu-Natal – are descendants of Indians who arrived in the country as indentured labourers at the start of the twentieth century.


However, you probably still won’t get a genuine grasp of South Africa’s cultural mix until you spend a good amount of time exploring the country. Along the way, you could easily come across an abundance of different languages, each representing a distinct culture originating in a specific area of a country which, we should point out, is geographically as large as France and Spain combined. And then there are the different styles of craftwork, architecture and dress you could encounter on travels that are unlikely to get dull!


A truly interesting history


Many of us might think that we already know about the recent history of South Africa, which saw the country transition from the racial segregation of the apartheid era to democracy in the 1990s. However, we could think again after visiting Johannesburg’s Apartheid Museum, which was put together by a team including architects, film-makers and historians, and tells the story in much greater detail. Here, scenes from South Africa before 1994 are displayed on large blown-up photographs, monitors and metal cages.


Lots of exciting animals to spot


We have tailored our South Africa safari packages to ensure that our customers can enjoy a broad range of the amazing animals which populate this part of the continent. So, there are opportunities for spotting leopard and rhino, watching whales from land, diving with Great White Sharks and a lot more besides. And that’s before we mention the beautiful rural scenery, including mountains and beaches, that can serve as a pleasant backdrop.


Excellent infrastructure for easy touring


You don’t need to fret about how to get around in South Africa. The country’s infrastructure is actually very good, comparing favourably to that of the UK. You can expect especially good air links, bus networks and roads – which means that, if you want a hugely diverse stay without having to spend lots of your time simply trekking between destinations, South Africa is your oyster! Our website includes much more information about what you can enjoy on a holiday in the Rainbow Nation.

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