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The Okavango Delta and the Moremi Wildlife Reserve provide one of Africa’s most incredible wildlife and wilderness experiences.

What makes this area so remarkable is that it is a wetland paradise located within the arid Kalahari Desert. Each year floodwater flows into the Okavango Delta from its source in the moist Angolan highlands. These floodwaters flow into the Kalahari Desert to create a unique wetland that supports and sustains a huge diversity of wildlife.

The heart of the Okavango Delta is the Moremi Game Reserve. All the major habitats and eco zones of the Okavango are preserved here. Around the Moremi Game Reserve are large private concessions that are leased out to safari companies with strict guidelines on visitor numbers.

Wildlife including all of Africa’s major predators is plentiful and varied and many of the wildlife documentaries seen on television are filmed here. The recent reintroduction of both white and black rhino means ...

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Big 5: elephant Big 5: lion Big 5: leopard Big 5: buffalo Big 5: rhino

WHY VISIT Okavango Delta & Moremi Wildlife Reserve

  • Some of the most exciting and varied game viewing in Africa
  • The opportunity to combine land and water safaris
  • Incomparable experience of gliding silently through the Delta in a Mokoro
  • One of the best places in Africa to see wild dog
  • Home to some of the best safari camps in Africa
  • Great place to witness Lion V Buffalo interaction
  • Outstanding birding destination particularly during the green season
  • Good value outside peak season months
  • Photographic hides
  • Easy connections between camps on scenic light aircraft flights

ACCOMMODATION IN Okavango Delta & Moremi Wildlife Reserve

There is world class accommodation here in all categories, your choice of hotel, lodge or camp will depend on whether you are after a romantic stay or something more family orientated. Our consultants can guide you on the best options for your budget and aspirations.





Below are some successful itineraries that have worked well for our clients. Please call to check availability or better still let us tailor make your own safari holiday.

Best of Botswana Parks with Victoria Falls option

12 days from £4430 to £6865 per person sharing

Botswana Family Explorer Package

8 days from £14347 to £21373 for a family of four

Botswana in Focus

9 days from £7810 to £11541 per person sharing

Botswana in the Secret Season

A flexible flying safari

12 days from £5057 (US$6322)

Botswana Mobile Camping

Mobile Camping

8 days from £2576 to 4646

Botswana Summer Safari

Seasonal Bargain

11 days from £5710

Chobe and Moremi Luxury Camping


8 days from £3456 based on four guests

Elephants Kingdom

Botswana and Zimbabwe

8 days from £3807 to £6071

Northern Highlights (Classic)

Botswana and Victoria Falls

10 days from £4412 to £7591

Northern Highlights (Delux)

Botswana and Zimbabwe

10 days from £7580 to £12850

Wings across the Delta

Botswana + Victoria Falls option

10 days from £2565 to £4794


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PLACES TO GO IN Okavango Delta & Moremi Wildlife Reserve

Our Safari itineraries visit both private concessions and the Moremi Wildlife Reserve with the ideal safari being a combination of camps where water based activities are the main activity and those which predominantly offer game drives. It is important to plan carefully as the quality of your experience will vary according to the season. Please call our expert consultants who visit the area regularly to discuss your trip.


The best time to visit the Okavango Delta and Moremi Wildlife Reserve is during the dry season months of May to October when the Delta in full flood and the bush dry. However any time of year will provide a superb safari experience and outside peak season the cost of visiting can be surprisingly reasonable. Call us to discuss your options.














The bush begins to dry out in June and game viewing is excellent, whilst flood waters in the Okavango Delta continue to rise. This is the beginning of the peak season as the weather becomes progressively warmer, with sunny clear days and less vegetation improving sightings.

By August animal herds grow larger on land and are commonly found near water sources with outstanding game viewing.

September sees the Okavango Delta water levels peak and the weather is now very hot and the land extremely dry. Predators can be seen dramatically chasing down plains game leaving an incredible cloud of dust in their path.

green SEASON

Rains become more frequent in December, days remain warm whilst the flood waters continue to dry out. The bush is turning green once more and animals begin calving.

January sees spectacular thunderstorms, warm days and the birthing season is at its peak.  Great game viewing can be had in the green season with an abundance of life and activity.


November is extremely hot and anticipating the happy arrival of the first rains, whilst the Okavango flood waters begin to recede, The game viewing will be excellent until the first rains when animals will start to disperse throughout the park.

Trees start bearing fruit in April, the grass has grown tall and thick, guides are now working hard and relying more upon their expertise for your sightings.

May sees the start of the dry season with cool nights and warm days, the Okavango Delta begins to fill, seasonal pans dry out and game viewing is good.

Call our specialists to discuss any shoulder season rates or specials that may be available for you to take advantage of. We will happily help you find your right time of year to travel.

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