5 of the Most Stunning National Parks in Africa

At Safari Club, we regularly send consultants to Africa to seek even further beautiful rural areas for our customers to check out. It’s a seemingly never-ending job, as Africa is probably the best continent in which to uncover ever-greater numbers of visually awe-inspiring animals. Whether you go north, south, east or west, there is natural beauty in abundance. However, we know that you have limited time and money to spend exploring Africa, so we’ve decided to single out 5 of the continent’s most visually pleasing national parks.

Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Though Africa’s highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro, is technically just within Tanzania, you can enjoy the most awesome views of its peak from Amboseli National Park, which is in Kenya. Once you’ve took plenty of pictures of that glorious mountain, you might as well stay in the park to check out the flat topped acacia trees and big herds of elephants, for which Amboseli is especially renowned. Click through to learn more about what you can see when you use our safari package for Amboseli National Park.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

South Africa certainly has no shortage of exciting national parks, and among the best of those is Kruger National Park. It’s got a broader range of wildlife than any other of the country’s national parks; you can check out, to reel off just a few examples, crocodiles, cheetahs, hippos, giraffes and gorillas. You can also see the so-called Big Five!

Chobe Game Reserve, Botswana

If one of your biggest reasons to consider a safari is the opportunity of seeing a herd of elephants, you should buy acyclovir online australia make an especially large priority of booking a trip to this national park. It’s located in Botswana’s Okavango Delta and home to over 120,000 elephants. Unsurprisingly given this number, it’d be pretty difficult for you to avoid seeing an elephant here! Overall, the park has four distinct ecosystems, Savuti Marsh being the most popular.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

If you like cats, a great place to see big cats, including Cheetah, is Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. They are certainly bigger than the cute little bundles of fluff you probably have back home – and, when you turn to our company to book a trip to this park, you can also benefit from world class accommodation that, depending on your preferences, can be suited to a romantic getaway or family holiday. The name “Serengeti” actually translates into “endless plains”, and you should soon see why when you go on safari here.

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

Returning to the earlier mentioned subject of big cats, it’s easy for you to catch sight of large lion prides at Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. These prides can have up to 30 lions, but they are far from the only mane – ha! – attraction. There’s also, for example, lots of hippos, who are among the over 40 animal species that call this wonderful place home. There are also as many as 400 wild bird species. Now, we’ll leave you to have fun sightseeing!

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