New Year Newsletter 2018

We hope all our guests have enjoyed their Christmas break and would like to wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

We thank all our guests who have travelled with us in 2017 and previous years, as well as those who have already booked for 2018 and beyond. Most Safari countries are experiencing excellent forward bookings and we would urge guests wanting to travel in 2018 to book as early as possible.

We are very confident that the change of leadership in Zimbabwe will result in Zimbabwe returning to the mainstream safari circuit. Zimbabwe is a great safari country with Hwange National Park and Mana Pools, two of Africa’s very finest reserves within its borders, as well as a number of excellent, but less well-known reserves. At present visitor numbers are low and prices quite affordable whilst the game viewing is exceptional, so we would encourage you to …

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October Newsletter 2017

The enduring fascination of a safari holiday is that no two safaris are ever the same. wildlife, culture, scenery vary from country to country and park to park and season to season. Is it the anticipation before setting out on a game drive, boat safari, or walk, never knowing quite what you will find but secure in the knowledge that there is a very good chance that you will experience something new and wonderful?

As a veteran of more than fifty safaris with visits to most of Africa’s great parks the feeling of excitement anticipation starts from the moment I start planning my next trip and doesn’t leave me until I board the final charter flight at the start of my journey home. If you have been to Africa with Safari Club you will know the feeling, many of our guests return year after year forsaking the trappings of Western civilization …

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POSTED BY: on 24/10/2017

May Newsletter 2017

New wildlife documentaries featuring African destinations keep on coming, a sure sign of the interest in this vast and spectacular continent from tourists from around the world.

Luangwa Valley
The spectacular Luangwa Valley in Zambia recently warranted its own three part ITV documentary “Lion Country”, which showcases perfectly the beauty and sense of timeless Africa that you get in this raw and compelling wilderness. Safari Club have sent many guests to this exciting destination and look forward to sending many more. If you would like to visit the Luangwa Valley take a look at our 2017 “Land of the Big Cats” itinerary.

Zambia is an increasingly popular wildlife destination and now that the government is taking tourism seriously we have noticed an increased level of interest in areas outside the usual circuit of South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi and Victoria Falls. Other attractions include North Luangwa which is only accessible for …

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POSTED BY: on 22/05/2017

Christmas Newsletter 2016

We hope all our guests both past present and future have enjoyed lovely Christmas and wish you a prosperous new year.  We look forward to having you travel with us again soon.

Few holiday experiences can compare with the thrill of getting up close and personal to wildlife in its natural surroundings. At Safari Club, we pride ourselves on giving you an unforgettable safari holiday combining the best wildlife viewing and guiding with attractive pricing.  We hope you will enjoy our latest newsletter.

Gorillas Express

We are delighted to note that Rwandair will be commencing overnight flights from London Gatwick to Kigali in Rwanda and Entebbe in Uganda from March 2017. This opens up the enticing prospect of short tours or long weekends specifically targeted at seeing the highly-endangered mountain gorillas.  If of interest, please see our “Lord of the Forest” and “Gorilla Express” tours.  Perfect for guests to experience top …

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POSTED BY: on 24/01/2017

Autumn 2016 Newsletter

Our newsletter this month features some of the more unusual and adventurous safari activities, most of which can be stand-alone trips or part of a longer wildlife safari.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

The deep sense of personal achievement you will feel on reaching the summit of Africa’s tallest mountain is immense. Our partners in Africa run set departure treks of nine nights’ duration with a minimum of two and maximum of eight guests. Seven nights are spent on the Mountain. Guests on these fully serviced treks are accompanied by a team of fully trained mountain guides, a chef and an experienced crew of porters. The Kilimanjaro Treks follow the most scenic routes up the mountain and are unhurried with plenty of time to acclimatize and admire the view. Our aim is to ensure that every guest reaches the summit whilst fully enjoying the experience. A reasonable level of fitness is required. Private departure …

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POSTED BY: on 14/11/2016

New photo gallery feature added to our website

We have been collecting together lots of photographs that have been provided either by some of our clients on safari or by ourselves on our familiarisation trips.

For example Martin Taylor and family did a self-drive holiday in the Western Cape on a trip to South Africa, staying in Knysna, buy aciclovir uk Hermanus, Franschhoek and Cape Town. They then flew to Timbavati Reserve (Kruger area) and stayed at Hamiltons and Chitwa Chitwa Camps.

Links to our photo galleries will appear on the destination pages to which they apply but all the galleries currently available can also be seen here:

All Photo Galleries

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14 Common Misconceptions About Safaris

At Safari Club, we’re dedicated to helping people learn more about safaris, and potentially embark on their own adventures to explore Africa. However, a lot of people seem to have pre-conceived notions about safari trips, and Africa in general. We’re here to try and break down some of these common myths, and help shed some light on the subject of safaris and Africa as a whole.

  1. Safaris aren’t safe

It isn’t uncommon to hear or read about violent crime or dangerous parts of Africa in the media, but in fact, most safari parks or nature reserves are far away from the most dangerous corners of the continent. Staying in a reserve also means that you will often have guides with you, who keep watch or take preventative measures to make sure animals keep their distance, although most are actually very wary of humans in general!

  1. It’s very expensive to …
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POSTED BY: on 06/09/2016

Why We Love Safaris (And You Should, Too!)

The first thing most people think of when they hear ‘safari’ is travelling through an open plain or savannah on the lookout for majestic, wild animals in their natural habitats. However, that is just one of the things that make a great safari! Here at Safari Club, we want to share our love of all things safari, and help people to realise just how amazing an experience it can truly be.

Animal magic

The main attraction of going on safari is, obviously, the animals! Being able to see amazing animals like lion, leopard, elephant, giraffe, zebra and more in their natural habitat is a truly memorable experience. Visiting a zoo and seeing these beautiful creatures in cages cannot compare to seeing them in the wild, where they can behave naturally, without constraints. There is no guarantee to whether you might see the animals either, which can be seen as a downside, …

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POSTED BY: on 30/08/2016

Safari packing advice: What to bring with you

There are various things that you could be eager to take with you on a safari. However, in the event, you might have to leave many of them at home, while packing other items that you hadn’t previously considered. You need to think very carefully about what to pack, not least because of weight restrictions that aircraft place on luggage, plus other implications that would not apply when preparing for a typical overseas stay. Below are some items that you should prioritise packing.


The right clothes… but not too many of them


In Africa, laundry service is available at many lodges and luxury mobile fly camps, which can helpfully relieve you of the need to pack lots of clothes. Nonetheless, you should meticulously select which clothes you do bring. By way of example, Susan Hack, a writer for Condé Nast Traveller, has revealed that, for a ten-day safari, she will …

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POSTED BY: on 03/08/2016

5 of the Most Stunning National Parks in Africa

At Safari Club, we regularly send consultants to Africa to seek even further beautiful rural areas for our customers to check out. It’s a seemingly never-ending job, as Africa is probably the best continent in which to uncover ever-greater numbers of visually awe-inspiring animals. Whether you go north, south, east or west, there is natural beauty in abundance. However, we know that you have limited time and money to spend exploring Africa, so we’ve decided to single out 5 of the continent’s most visually pleasing national parks.

Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Though Africa’s highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro, is technically just within Tanzania, you can enjoy the most awesome views of its peak from Amboseli National Park, which is in Kenya. Once you’ve took plenty of pictures of that glorious mountain, you might as well stay in the park to check out the flat topped acacia trees and big herds of elephants, for …

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POSTED BY: on 10/06/2016

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