May Newsletter 2017

New wildlife documentaries featuring African destinations keep on coming, a sure sign of the interest in this vast and spectacular continent from tourists from around the world.

Luangwa Valley
The spectacular Luangwa Valley in Zambia recently warranted its own three part ITV documentary “Lion Country”, which showcases perfectly the beauty and sense of timeless Africa that you get in this raw and compelling wilderness. Safari Club have sent many guests to this exciting destination and look forward to sending many more. If you would like to visit the Luangwa Valley take a look at our 2017 “Land of the Big Cats” itinerary.

Zambia is an increasingly popular wildlife destination and now that the government is taking tourism seriously we have noticed an increased level of interest in areas outside the usual circuit of South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi and Victoria Falls. Other attractions include North Luangwa which is only accessible for …

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POSTED BY: on 22/05/2017

New photo gallery feature added to our website

We have been collecting together lots of photographs that have been provided either by some of our clients on safari or by ourselves on our familiarisation trips.

For example Martin Taylor and family did a self-drive holiday in the Western Cape on a trip to South Africa, staying in Knysna, buy aciclovir uk Hermanus, Franschhoek and Cape Town. They then flew to Timbavati Reserve (Kruger area) and stayed at Hamiltons and Chitwa Chitwa Camps.

Links to our photo galleries will appear on the destination pages to which they apply but all the galleries currently available can also be seen here:

All Photo Galleries

POSTED BY: on 26/10/2016

Kafue South to North

Have you ever wanted to visit an African Game Reserve where you will see few if any other vehicles reminiscent of the raw, wild continent seen by the first European visitors and by myself on a first visit to Zambia in 1975?

Kafue National Park, was during the eighties and early nineties neglected, mismanaged and suffered from poaching. Most visitors to Zambia choosing to visit South Luangwa and the Lower Zambezi two other outstanding wilderness reserves but that is now changing.

For most of its length the Kafue River runs along the edge of the park with other major tributaries the Lunga and Lufupa Rivers also providing a lifeline for game. Lion, elephant, buffalo and leopard are found throughout the park and both wild dog and cheetah are also present in healthy numbers.

Following some major investment in the past ten years in anti-poaching and tourist facilities Kafue is now …

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POSTED BY: on 14/10/2016

5 of the Most Stunning National Parks in Africa

At Safari Club, we regularly send consultants to Africa to seek even further beautiful rural areas for our customers to check out. It’s a seemingly never-ending job, as Africa is probably the best continent in which to uncover ever-greater numbers of visually awe-inspiring animals. Whether you go north, south, east or west, there is natural beauty in abundance. However, we know that you have limited time and money to spend exploring Africa, so we’ve decided to single out 5 of the continent’s most visually pleasing national parks.

Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Though Africa’s highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro, is technically just within Tanzania, you can enjoy the most awesome views of its peak from Amboseli National Park, which is in Kenya. Once you’ve took plenty of pictures of that glorious mountain, you might as well stay in the park to check out the flat topped acacia trees and big herds of elephants, for …

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POSTED BY: on 10/06/2016

6 Honeymoon Locations to consider in 2016

If you’re planning to get wed, there are many boxes that you will be eager to tick with your honeymoon. You’ll want something that affords both privacy – for those quiet, romantic moments – and more social occasions for letting your hair down. You can enjoy all of this with (an African safari and beach honeymoon) adventure that, at Safari Club, we can prearrange design for you. Below are some examples, view our full range of exotic locations that we can help you to enjoy with your partner here.

Maasai Mara, Kenya

On our flying safari “A Week on the Wild side”, the two of you can see an amazing variety of wildlife at the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya. It is particularly advised that you book your stay between late July and October, when the migration crosses the Mara River into Kenya. Elephants, rhinos, zebras, giraffes, crocodiles, and big …

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POSTED BY: on 29/04/2016

Victoria Falls Up and Down

In common with most visitors to Victoria Falls I have in the past just spent one or two days in the area at the beginning or end of a safari in Zambia or Botswana.

As I was travelling to Zimbabwe and was arriving from Nairobi on a direct flight into the new Livingstone airport before trying out the recently introduced, single Kaza uni-visa system to cross the Victoria Falls bridge into Zimbabwe, I had decided I would use this opportunity to spend a bit more time in the area and find out more about the hotels, lodges and exciting activities on both sides of the border both up and downstream.

My first stop was at Waterberry Lodge, located upstream of the falls on the banks of the Zambezi River, always a firm favourite with Safari Club clients. The lodge includes many interesting lodge based activities in its rates, these include visits to …

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POSTED BY: on 23/02/2016

South Luangwa Trail – Up Close & Personal

What an experience, my return to Zambia, definitely one of my favourite safari countries, after a three year break. The beautiful South Luangwa National Park, was always going to be a big adventure.

My mission was to sample an exciting exploration safari involving day and night game drives, walking safari and overnight sleep-outs in a mixture of luxury bush camps and lodges. The experience was to provide the basis for Safari Clubs “Luangwa Trail Safari” which is run in partnership with our experienced local partners Messrs Norman Carr safaris who have been operating in Luangwa Valley for over 50 years.

This safari is tremendous fun for those with a spirit of adventure!

South Luangwa teams with game of every kind with lions particularly in evidence, we could hear them roaring not too far away on some of our walks but despite the best efforts of our guide we were unable to locate them …

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POSTED BY: on 23/02/2016

Thrill of the Wild

The beautiful and wild Lower Zambezi Valley is a pristine area of untouched Africa centred on the Zambezi River downstream of Lake Kariba. The park is home to many species including big herds of elephant, and buffalo and plentiful lions, it is also a great place to see leopard.

The park itself is home to some of Africa’s finest, small, upmarket camps widely spaced along the river bank throughout the park.

I was exploring the Lower Zambezi with a view to designing some exciting adventurous safaris which could be a natural extension to Safari Clubs “Luangwa Trail” safari and other Zambian safaris.

The big attraction of this park in addition to the magnificent river is the variety of activities on offer, these include the usual day and night game drives, guided walks, canoeing and boat safaris on the river and arguably the best catch and release tiger fishing in Africa, naturally I tried …

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POSTED BY: on 23/02/2016

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