6 Honeymoon Locations to consider in 2016

If you’re planning to get wed, there are many boxes that you will be eager to tick with your honeymoon. You’ll want something that affords both privacy – for those quiet, romantic moments – and more social occasions for letting your hair down. You can enjoy all of this with (an African safari and beach honeymoon) adventure that, at Safari Club, we can prearrange design for you. Below are some examples, view our full range of exotic locations that we can help you to enjoy with your partner here.

Maasai Mara, Kenya

On our flying safari “A Week on the Wild side”, the two of you can see an amazing variety of wildlife at the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya. It is particularly advised that you book your stay between late July and October, when the migration crosses the Mara River into Kenya. Elephants, rhinos, zebras, giraffes, crocodiles, and big cats are among the animals that you can expect to see. You can also choose between classic or premium accommodation and extend this with a week on a stunning tropical beach.


The island country of Mauritius, located about 1,200 miles off the African continent’s southeast coast, is – there’s no mistake here – a tropical paradise. As part of our “Safari and Ocean” package, you can fly from the South African city of Johannesburg to the island, where you can enjoy palm-fringed beaches, a warm blue sea, and a first class hotel. Perhaps not surprisingly, water sports are among the activities that you can enjoy during your stay.


A good alternative island location for your romantic getaway is the Seychelles. This archipelago country, located just under 1,000 miles east of mainland East Africa, can be visited when you opt for our “Two Shades of Paradise” package. So, what can you expect to see on the archipelago? To cite buy acyclovir online just a few of the attractions: white sandy beaches, stunning coastal, inland and underwater scenery, and pristine coral reefs. Also covered for in the package is an overnight stay at the well-known “Giraffe Manor” in Nairobi.


Tanzania is a great choice for a honeymoon our Safari and beach Luxury Flying Safari is a wonderful safari and beach holiday visiting Selous game reserve, the largest area of protected wilderness in Africa and the little known but very exotic Pemba Island, the perfect place to relax and maybe enjoy some superb snorkelling and scuba diving.

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

Are the two of you cat lovers? You can certainly see a lot of cats in this park, though be warned that they are a lot bigger than the cute little bundles of fluff you probably have running and playing in your house! Take advantage of our “Land of the Big Cats” honeymoon offer, and you can enjoy seeing lions, leopards, and other locally residing members of the cat family. Mind, don’t expect to hear any of those lions purring

The skies of Namibia… yes, really

Does the prospect of spending your honeymoon in Namibia pique your interest? It’s a great idea, not least because there are so many awe-inspiring sights to enjoy there. In fact, you could find that there are too many – how can you get round to enjoying many of them in just one honeymoon? By embarking on our “Namibia Flying Adventure”! Using air transport including a hot air balloon, you can take in numerous contrasting areas, among them deserts, dunes, Atlantic Ocean, plains and wildlife habitats, of this large country. You could see big cats here, too in this incredible, awe inspiring landscape.

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