Annette & David Silcock

First of all, the arrangements were excellent.  In all cases, the meeters-and-greeters were a polite and well-spoken young men, as were our drivers, who all drove with great care.  The overnight stays in the Latitude 15° hotel were very comfortable, and once again, the staff couldn’t do enough for us.  We think Zambians are lovely people.

Our activities on the actual safari were varied – we mostly drove, but we also walked and had a river excursion.  We were lucky in that although it is the rainy season in Zambia, with only one evening drive completely rained off (but the skies beforehand were spectacular!).  The trusty ponchos in the landrover only came out once.  It was truly a Rivers and Rainbows experience!  We saw lions and a lone leopard, but lots and lots of other game, including hyenas, and the bird-life was wonderful.  

Our guide, John and the scout, Viato, were very knowledgable and extremely helpful – we have come to expect nothing less, and we were not disappointed.

Because the Luanga River was rather low, we were unable to get to the first camp we were booked for, but we benefited from 6 nights in the luxurious Chinzomba, where we treated like royalty.  The food was excellent, as was the accommodation, and all the staff including the young couple in charge, Billie and Ben, made us feel very welcome.

We did in fact get to see the first camp (sorry forgotten the name), for the river eventually filled up and we had an excursion there, where we were fed and watered and even had a room prepared for us in an entirely empty camp for a siesta after lunch, which we greatly appreciated.  But our general impression was that it was rather basic, and certainly in need of a bit of refurbishment.

We’ve spent some time today sorting out the many hundreds of photo’s we took – it was certainly a most memorable holiday.  Thank you again for your role in arranging it all.

POSTED: 25/02/2017


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