Chris and Ola Maddams

Many thanks for organising this. We both loved Kenya and the safari camps and hotel we visited.

Ole Sereni hotel was very good. Kicheche Laikipia was fantastic. Camp, manager, guide and staff were wonderful. Sightings were good, although they kept saying we were lucky…. We also did the trips to the chimps (early evening viewing when they did final feed and brought them in for the night). Just the two of us and well worth it. We also did the rhino sanctuary – hand feeding the last Northern White male, hand feeding a black rhino, etc. Again, very good.

Kicheche Mara camp was excellent too. The camp, managers, guide and staff were all fantastic. Viewing was excellent here too, and the fact the guides have been donated cameras and have taken an interest in photography (as most guests have this interest) means they are looking for good photos, not just sightings. We also got the impression that Kicheche generally have an extremely loyal following – people only going to Kicheche camps multiple times a year for many years, and nowhere else.

Naibor was very good. It didn’t quite have the family feel of the Kicheche camps, but staff and managers were good. Guide wasn’t quite as good, but still very good. We were warned that we would notice the difference of not being on a conservancy, and we did. In popular (cat) sightings near the camp there were 10+ cars, but at least all driven by proper camp guides, so just bearable. The trip to the Mara crossing was mainly very good, but the cat sightings showed the bad side – 30 mini vans and no interest in nature. We had heard all this so had set our expectations accordingly.

The end result is that we will be going back, and likely to 2 of the Kicheche camps – no idea which 2 yet, or when.

One thing I did definitely prefer over South Africa is that in Kenya people go for safari, not a 2 night add on to take photos of every animal (poorly) and race on.

All the plans worked as intended. You might want to tell others that they need to check the internal flights the day before and a few hours before (asking the camp manager) as they tend to re-time and re-plan freely. One flight was moved early by 30 mins and found out by the camp manager at Laipikia phoning them the day before.

POSTED: 20/07/2017


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